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I. About us

Filipoiu Law Office is a law firm focused on the business environment, serving small and medium companies and startups alike in all their business related activities. The law firm was founded by attorney at law Florentin Filipoiu in order to create a practice in which the main features of the legal services provided are innovation by design and quality, notwithstanding the accessibility of the services.


In brief, the innovation of the services aims at achieving the desired goals in the simplest manner, so that the financial and time resources allocated to the legal services to be reduced as much as possible, generating thereby an increase in the accessibility of the legal services provided. We know that every company needs legal assistance and consultancy in order to protect its rights and also comply with all the business related obligations. Thus, we aim at increasing the accessibility to high quality legal services for more and more companies, by identifying the means that imply the lowest opportunity cost. In this respect, we innovate in every possible situation in order to create or identify the fastest, simplest and most efficient solutions and approaches.

The quality of the services implies addressing your situation rigorously and performing all services at the highest standard, so that you benefit of outstanding value.

At the same time, the practice aspire, with priority, to the achievement of the client's interests. This desideratum implies, among others, the provision of legal services only insofar as the particular situation of the client requires it. Thus, if from the information provided we conclude that your situation does not require the legal services requested, we will inform you in this respect.

Florentin Filipoiu had graduated from University of Bucharest, Faculty of Law, having a Bachelor of Law and a Master of Law. After graduation, he become an attorney at law, member of Bucharest Bar Association. He collaborated for a long period with Deloitte and Deloitte Legal, one of the Big 4 companies. Florentin Filipoiu assisted a wide range of clients, varying from local and international companies to national and local government bodies and institution or international organization and EU institutions.

Filipoiu Law Office provides legal assistance and representation in all business related activity, focusing on commercial and corporate matters, contracts, public procurement and concessions, public sector, tax law and litigation.


Principles underlying the practice of Filipoiu Law Office

  1. The client's interests are a priority;

  2. The services are provided only to the extent that the particular situation of the client requires it, so that the services are relevant and add value;

  3. Transparency is a component present throughout the legal assistance;

  4. There is no compromise on the quality of services, regardless of the situation.

II. About our clients

We assist and help small and medium size companies, but also startups, with all the necessary legal assistance and representation necessary for:

  • compliance with all the legal obligations related to their business;

  • protecting and exercising their rights and interest before their business partners;

  • accessing funding needed for carrying or developing further their activities;

  • protecting and exercising their rights before public authorities, such as fiscal bodies, consumer protection institutions, data protection agency and other similar entities;

  • representation before public authorities, such as trade register offices, fiscal bodies and other similar entities;

  • representation before the courts of justice on any matter related to their business activity.

In some particular situation we assist and help also large companies, when the main feature of the legal services required to succeed is their quality and innovation, not quantity, respectively when is required an outstanding performance to achieve the desired goals.

From case to case, we assist natural persons in real estate, commercial or administrative matters.

III. How can you collaborate with us?

We are certain that more and more activities aims to digitalization and that the future is online. We also know the value of your time.

Thus, we try to minimize the physical interaction, so that your time will not be wasted with unnecessary travels. For these reasons, we managed to achieve a level of digitalization where most of our services may be contracted and provided via electronic means, without being required the physical presence. To the extent that the legal services requested require your presence, we will inform you in this respect.

If you want to know more about our services or our law firm, feel free to contact us through the form below. We are eager to address your inquiry.

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